Monday, October 28, 2013

Make-and-Learn Class next week!

Only 2 more classes scheduled this year...

Net week we will be making an herbal oil and a skin salve.

Herbal Oil and Skin Salve
In this class you will learn how to make an herbal oil using the folk method, and then we will turn a previously made herbal oil into a healing skin salve. We will discuss the healing properties of the three herbs used, and talk about the many applications of this particular salve. St. John's Wort, Comfrey and Calendula are the herbs that make this an invaluable salve for cuts, burns, and bruises. Everyone will take home a small tin of salve that we make together that night, as well as the recipe, resource list and first-hand knowledge and confidence to make it again on their own. Bring your inquisitive mind, and enthusiastic spirit, and a friend!

Where: 1501 Buena Vista St Pgh PA 15212
When: Wed. November 6th 7-9pm
Cost: $15 per person

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Hope to see you!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Make-and-Learns for October and November!

Getting Started with Herbs: Infusions, Decoctions, and Tinctures

Are you interested in herbalism but don't know where to begin? In this Make-and-Learn you'll find out that making a tincture is actually simpler than making a cup of tea. We will discuss the difference between an infusion, a decoction and a tincture, and we will make and sample all three herb preparations. We will start with simple herbs, many that you have already heard of and see on a daily basis. Each participant will take home a personal tincture that they start in the class, information on all the herbs we use and discuss, as well as recipes, resource lists, and the knowledge and confidence to use all three ways of preparing herbs again at home. Bring your inquisitive mind, and enthusiastic spirit, and a friend!

This class will be held on Wed. Oct. 23rd from 7-9 at Buena Vista Coffee (1501 Buena Vista St, Pgh 15201)
Cost is $15
Pre-registration is required! Please purchase a ticket in advance here or contact me at

Stay tuned for:

Nov. 6th Herbal Oil/Skin Salve/Diaper Balm
Nov. 20th Lotion and Lip Balm

Both Wednesday eves, same time, same place!